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Maidment Theatre
27 May-26 June 2004
photo: Patrick Reynolds

Macbeth Michael Hurst
Lady Macbeth  Anna Hewlett
Duncan/porter/doctor John Callen
Banquo  Peter Daube
MacDuff  Benjamin Farry
First Witch Peta Rutter 
Lennox Andrew Laing
Malcolm  Keith Adams
Ross Michael Morris
Boy Edward Giffney
witch Hannah Gross*
wife of Macduff Madeleine Hyland*
Glen Pickering*
Fleance/Young Seaward Matt Baker*
Rohan Glynn*
Vicar Daniel Mainwaring*
witch Kate Prior**
soldier/murderer Jade Daniels**

students on secondment from
*Unitec School of Performing and Screen Arts or
**Toi Whakaari New Zealand Drama School

Producers Jennifer Ward-Lealand
Michael Morris

Director  Michael Hurst 
Production Designer  John Verryt     
Lighting Designer 
David Eversfield
Music  Jason Smith
Edmund McWilliams

Costume Supervisor Judith Crozier
Assistant Director
Jennifer Ward-Lealand
Acting Coach Christian Penny
Production Manager Robyn Tearle
Stage Manager Fern Christie
Operator Byron Williams
Lighting Programmer Rhead Clift
Publicist  Sue May
Photographer Patrick Reynolds
Graphic Designer/DVD Production
Michael Morris
Webmaster Susan Sanders
Set Set Scenarios





"Michael Hurst . . . he's a wonder.  His speaking of Shakespeare is so fresh, so true, he just digs in and finds those famous speeches as if he's never heard them before, and he makes us sit up and think that we've never heard them before.

Spine-tingling.  So new and exciting".  Paul Holmes, Newstalk ZB

" . . . Hurst shows . . . his unparalleled ability to speak the poetry. Words, snatches of phrase, sometimes whole passages, explode into life as if never heard before. . . . It's unquestionably not to be missed". Peter Calder, NZ Herald, 31 May 2004

"Macbeth is magnificent. I have to say unequivocally, it's magnificent." " . . . it's a wonderful performance. He takes the audience on Macbeth's journey from opportunist to nihilistic brute, and you get every emotional turning point." " . . . it was a 10 out of 10." Frances Edmond, National Radio, 31 May 2004

" . . . likely to be one of the finest productions to grace the stage this year." Gilbert Wong, Sunday Star-Times

" . . . the set is as bare as it would have been in Shakespeare's time, forcing the words to create the scenes". Paul Little, New Zealand Listener, 12 June 2004 edition

"I was totally impressed by the ensemble, the artistry and the elegant wickedness of this production. . . . truly entertaining and a good night out--in the bloodiest, darkest and most sinful way possible". Ginger O'Neill, Xpress, June 2003

photo: Patrick Reynolds

photo: Patrick Reynolds



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gratitude the support of Brent Wootton.

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